AleWerks Brewing Company

Williamsburg AleWerks is located in the heart of the early colonies in Williamsburg, Virginia. Established in 2006 we have rolled out a broad range of beer offerings and quickly established a reputation for fine beer. We operate a direct fired brick-clad Peter Austin brew house and ferment all our beers in state-of-the-art conical fermentors.

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Chuck Haines - Managing Partner

Chuck HainesA longtime proponent of fine beer, he has had his hand in breweries since the 1990's. In 2005, he secured the property of the old Williamsburg Brewing Company, recruited a brewer, and started Williamsburg AleWerks, returning the art of Craft-Brewing to Williamsburg.

With a background that includes a long service the U.S Army to small business ownership, Chuck is the one who holds the reigns of AleWerks.

Geoff Logan - Brewmaster

Meet Brewer Geoff Logan

Geoff Logan toured the East Coast with his band, playing in many restaurants and bars, bringing a mix of pop and rock music to the crowds. He produced a musical recipe that pleased the listener. Today, he's supplying the other side of the bar, creating a blend of hops and yeast that tempt the palate. Geoff Logan is the brewmaster at AleWerks Brewing Company. He attended the American Brewer's Guild and is a member of the Master Brewer's Association, the Virginia Craft Brewer's Guild and the American Society of Brewing Chemists.