Animal Instruments

Sharing the whimsical joy of odd combinations with the art of crafting balanced beer.

Bison Beatbox pack

Bison Beatbox

Hazy IPA - 6.2%

Animal Instruments – VOLUME 1

Brewed with Citra, this hazy juicebomb bursts out of the can with notes of mango, orange, lime, and gooseberry. It’s light in body but not in flavor and has just enough bitterness to keep things in sync.

Eagle Air Guitar 4-pack

Eagle Air Guitar

Double IPA with Citra and El Dorado - 7.9%

Animal Instruments – VOLUME 1

Brewed with Citra & El Dorado, this DIPA explodes out of the can with aromas of candied ripe pineapple and flavors of zesty tangerine.

Cricket Kazoo pack

Cricket Kazoo

Hazy IPA - 7%

Animal Instruments – VOLUME II

Cricket Kazoo Hazy IPA clocks in at 7% ABV, and features mango, tangerine, and pineapple leading the aromatic charge, followed by a malty aroma of fresh biscuits. The satisfyingly rich mouthfeel isn’t sweet, yet tastes like fresh mango sitting on the tongue. Every drink builds notes of orange peel, herbs, and coconut, followed by an aftertaste of fresh fruit.

Puma Theremin pack

Puma Theremin

Hazy IPA - 7.2%

Animal Instruments – VOLUME II

Puma Theremin IPA is the latest star to debut in the Animal Instruments IPA family and most definitely won’t be here for long. A balanced bitterness is complimented by accents of nectarine and lemon and finishes with dank fruit flavors, garden mint and lemongrass.

Kangaroo Didgeridoo 4-pack

Kangaroo Didgeridoo

Hazy IPA - 6.5%

Animal Instruments – VOLUME II

Kangaroo Didgeridoo turns up the volume on the tropical and new world flavors of the Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin hops. Big notes of tropical citrus such as pineapple and grapefruit balance beautifully with the highlighted hops in this 6.5% banger.

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