As the weather changes, so do our beers.

Thaw Cold IPA


Cold India Pale Ale - 7%

Tangerine citrus and passionfruit with mild hints of mixed berries, mango and pine. A thinner body showcases the West Coast IPA-style hop profile with little interference from any malty notes. The profound hop presence doesn’t linger or wreck the taste buds but rather drinks clean, refreshing and allows all the hop flavors to shine.

Availability: February – April

Tangerine six pack


Tangerine Wheat Ale - 5.6%

This refreshing beer showcases the creamy body of a wheat ale enhanced by the addition of tangerine. Bright notes of citrus on the nose and palate complement this easy-drinking brew that was designed for long summer days.

Availability: May – July

Pumpkin six pack


Spiced Ale - 7.3%

Pumpkin is made solely with fresh ingredients, spiced and baked in the oven before being added to the brew. Enjoy powerful notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, and more from this world-famous beer commonly described as “Pumpkin Pie in a glass.

Availability: August – October

Coffeehouse six pack


Coffee Stout - 5.4%

This Milk Stout is brewed with a generous amount of locally-roasted Guatemala Antigua coffee. There’s a noticeably sweet character but we don’t shy away from the coffee’s bitter nature. It’s the coffee drinker’s coffee stout.

Availability: November – January

Alewerks team with beer barrels


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