Brewers Series

Beers driven by the passion that built the house of Alewerks.

Kolsch 4-pack


German-Style Ale - 4.6%

Light, crisp and super easy-drinking. This cool fermented ale features a lighter malt body balanced by a woody-floral flavor of the Tettnang hop. Citrus and fruity yeast notes finish out this beer and hit you in the end with a refreshing kick.

Rauch Helles 4-pack

Rauch Helles

Smoked Lager - 5.4%

The Brewer’s Series introduces Rauch Helles today as part of our Double Release Weekend! This 5.4% Smoked Lager is a traditional style helles lager with the careful addition of smoked malt. Crisp with a note of herbal spice and a continuous building flavor of barbeque. Drinking this lager is like noticing a camp fire in the distance and longs to be paired with your next grilled meal.

hefeweizen 4-pack


Hefeweizen - 5.1%

The Hefeweizen, weizen meaning wheat beer and Hefe meaning yeast (referring to specific types of yeast that produce the desired hefeweizen flavors), has a light body (5.1% ABV), citrus flavor and subtle notes of clove, banana and bubblegum.

Munich Dunkel 4-pack


German-Style Dark Lager - 5.1%

Introducing Munich Dunkel, the latest release in our 2021 Brewer’s Series. A hardy but sessionable dark lager consisting of mostly Dark Munich malt. This classic German style was traditionally brewed in the fall and winter months when cool fermenting yeast were happiest. Dark brown in color with flavors and aromatics of black bread, toast, caramel, and coffee cake.

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