Fresh Origins

Beers that branch from the Alewerks norm to swim in their own stream.

Pickled 4-pack


Blonde Ale - 5.5%

This beer is a simple Blonde Ale built to showcase the glorious liquid that is pickle juice. Light straw in color with a fluffy white cap of foam, this beer presents a mild aroma of dill and a hint of garlic upfront. Expect bright dill and muted garlic flavors backed by a briny character that closes with a tangy finish. Bright, clean, and invigorating.

Nailed It 4-pack

Nailed It

American Premium Lager - 4.5%

Nailed It is an easy-drinking lager designed with quality refreshment in mind, perfect for the end of a long day. Subtle malt flavors and a touch of Tettnang hops lead to a crisp and refreshing finish.

Teamwerks 4-pack


Ukrainian-Style Golden Ale - 7.5%

Malt shines brightly here with big aromas and flavors of fresh baked bread. Coriander works in tandem with fruity yeast esters to provide a fruit-peel quality and light hints of citrus. Golden Ales are known for their big body finish and the Ukrainian-Style delivers plenty to sink your teeth into.

Alewerks team with beer barrels


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